Urgent Care Specialist

The team at NuSmile Dental Center knows dental problems don’t follow a schedule. That’s why they offer a comprehensive array of urgent care options for patients in Costa Mesa, CA, relieving pain and other symptoms while preventing further damage from occurring.

Urgent Care Q & A

What issues are considered dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies and urgent care needs include any type of dental issue that requires immediate or prompt care to relieve pain or other symptoms and to prevent further damage. Some of the more common dental emergencies include:

  • toothaches
  • jaw pain
  • swollen or tender gums
  • abscesses or other infections
  • chipped, cracked or broken teeth
  • teeth that are knocked out
  • lost or broken fillings, crowns, dentures or other restorations
  • cuts or lacerations in the gums or soft tissues

What should I do if an adult tooth is knocked out?

Often, a healthy adult tooth can be replanted after being knocked out as long as the tooth and root remain in good condition. If a tooth is knocked out, try to place it back in the socket. If that’s not possible, place it between the cheek and gum or in a glass of milk. Call the office immediately for further instructions or head to our office during routine office hours.

What causes toothaches?

Toothaches are one of the most common dental urgent care needs, and they can be caused by many different issues, including decay and abscesses or infections. Pressure from impacted teeth or objects that become lodged between the teeth can also cause pain. Any type of tooth pain no matter how minimal should be evaluated as soon as possible to avoid more serious issues including tooth loss.

Are there any steps I can take to prevent dental emergencies?

Yes. Having routine office visits every six months and getting treatment for any dental issue, no matter how “minor,” are vital for keeping teeth and gums healthy and strong so they’re better able to withstand trauma and ward off decay and other damage. Call the office at the first sign of decay or other damage and don’t delay care. Wearing a mouthguard when playing sports and avoiding using the teeth as tools are also important for avoiding damage.

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